The Field

Talltanic Field was created in December 2015 and is still being worked on today as we continue to improve the landscaping, aesthetics and comforts with the hopes of one day being recognized as one of the top backyard WIFFLE® ball fields in the world.

Field & Property Rules

  • 21+
  • BYOB
  • No Pets
  • No Glass
  • No Weapons
  • No Cigarettes
  • Vegan Food Only
  • No Unregistered Plus 1’s
  • No Loitering Outside Gates

The property is 21+ except for on family days we host once a month where parents can bring their children to see the animals.

As a private residence we ask that you do not bring your pets to our home. If you know of any homeless animals or would like to surrender your pet, we’d be happy to talk to you about it, please contact us at

No glass bottles, feel free to BYOB in cans only.

No guns, knifes or weapons of any kind, please leave them at home.

Absolutely no cigarettes on property and no loitering outside the games to smoke. If you smoke cigarettes, that’s your choice, no judgement, so please don’t judge us for completing banning cigarettes anywhere around here.

Ranch Island Rescue works to spread awareness not just to homeless animals in need but also veganism and while we won’t push our vegan ways onto you we do ask that you do decide to bring food with you, please only bring vegan food inside our walls.

If you are invited to come here, that means you and only you are allowed to enter, no plus 1’s as we limit the number of people allowed inside the gates.

Talltanic Field – Arial View July 2019
Before – May 2015
After – September 2020
A field tour on foot