GWR Rules

 2020 15:48

HI Adam,

The bathroom may only be used during official rest breaks, so players cannot use the bathroom during game play.

There is no required angle as long as the field is well covered. We recommend having a camera high behind home plate that can show the whole field.

Outside of rest breaks, all players should remain in view of the camera at all times. Should they need to leave the view of the camera for any reason, they must not leave for an extended period of time.

You may send video for pre-approval. You may uploaded it as evidence, after which please only hit save. After it is uploaded, please send a correspondence so I know it is ready to be viewed.

Kind regards,

Adam Sowell
Adam Sowell23 September 2020 20:08

Hey Ryan, some final questions.
Can a player use the bathroom while he is on the side lines if it’s at the field and doesn’t affect any game play?
Here is a screen shot of the field bathrooms to see how close they are.

We are setting up the 3 camera angles. Is there a certain angle that’s required?

Do all players need to be in view of the cameras at all times?

Can we send a preview of us playing for 15 minutes to verify that it’s good before we start?

Ryan @ GWR
Ryan @ GWR17 September 2020 21:54

Hi Adam,

Thank you for removing the logos. See below for the answers to your questions.

  1. The bathroom breaks are the same as the rest breaks. You may only leave the field when you declare a rest break and have enough rest break time banked for you to use. Once on the rest break, you are free to leave the field and do anything you want (eat, sleep, use the rest room, etc).
  2. Fewer than 5 people may play defense, the only requirement is having a pitcher. Players not playing defense must still be in the field area, but may stay on the sideline.
  3. No player who was not present at the beginning of the attempt may enter the game. Players who were present at the start may rotate positions, but cannot switch teams. The batting order must be followed, and must follow the order as listed on the Wiffle Inc website. Should the positions change during the game, the batting order should follow the original order.
  4. The game may continue with less than 10 players. A substitute cannot be brought in to replace an injured player.
  5. Food and drink can be consumed courtside, and can be consumed during the attempt, but cannot be taken onto the playing field. Exemptions are made in the case of any participant requiring medical, or similar, assistance. Any issues of that nature can be explained after the attempt should they arise.
  6. The website information looks good. Don’t forget, witnesses cannot work in shifts longer than four hours.

Good luck on your attempt.

Kind regards,


Adam Sowell
Adam Sowell15 September 2020 16:06

Hi Ryan, thanks for your response, we’re very excited about this big event!

I’ve removed all Guinness logos and will not use the words for anything commercial material.

I had a meeting with my players and we feel we have a pretty clear understanding but want to clarify a few things to ensure all of our efforts don’t go to waste.

How do bathroom breaks work?

If it’s 5v5 must all players play on defense through the entire game, or can 4 play on defense?

Are substitutions allowed, and how does that work? What happens if a player misses an at bat?

If one of the 10 players gets injured, does that end the game or can it continue with the 9 other players?

Can a player eat a banana or take a redbull to the outfield with them during the game?

Also let us know if the updates to the page here are perfect or is you see something we should change before we play 



Ryan @ GWR
Ryan @ GWR14 September 2020 21:46

Hi Adam,

See below for your answers

  1. You may put tape on the handle of the bat.
  2. Players cannot leave the field and sleep for 8 hours. As long as the game is going on, all players must be in the field or on the sidelines. Sleeping can only be done during rest breaks.
  3. Every hour, 5 minutes are added to your rest break total (so after two hours, you have ten minutes available). This rest time is accumulated until it is taken. All players must take the rest breaks at the same time. Due to privacy laws we are not able to discuss other applications.
  4. You may have a larger container by the pitcher.
  5. You cannot have a front line.
  6. A ball must land in the air of the zone to be a hit of that scoring, not roll into it.
  7. As per the Wiffle Ball Inc website, ground balls caught while the ball is in motion, in fair territory, are considered an out.

I have taken a look at your page and there are some inconsistencies. We require wiffle ball games to follow the Wiffle Ball Inc rules, which can be found here. Some inconsistencies are there are not called third strikes and no base on balls. Please double check the Wiffle Ball Inc website for a complete list of rules. Further, the Wiffle Ball Inc rules do not require a fence, however since your fence is further that their recommended home run distance, your field is acceptable. You can put lines in the field based on the distance outlined on the Wiffle Ball Inc website.

Finally, please note that with an approved application, you are permitted to use the word mark “GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™” in describing your record in any editorial or factual account (i.e. a website story, news item, press release, etc.) at no cost.  

However, there is a fee for using the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS word mark on commercial items, video content or paid media (i.e. T-shirts, signage, and advertisements) and cannot create promotional featuring our word mark without a licensing contract in place.

You must also purchase licensing for any use of our logos.  I noticed that you have used our logo on your web page, if you would like to use the logo I will put you in contact with our Commercial Account Services Team. If you do not wish to purchase a licensing agreement, you must remove the logo from your website.

Kind regards,

Adam Sowell
Adam Sowell14 September 2020 20:02

We’ve built a page outlining the rules we have in place for our field and game play as we took from the official website. We’ve also outlined the Guinness Guidelines as we’ve interpreted them. Can you look over our website and work with me to insure everything is correct and approved by Guinness.

Adam Sowell
Adam Sowell09 September 2020 17:47

1 Can you put tape on the handle of the yellow wiffle ball bat?
2 Can a player go sleep for 8 hours and come back?
3 How do 5 minute breaks work?
a. Can you add them up, why was MSU softball disqualitied? They took a 40 min break.
4 Can we have a large plastic trash can to store balls in on the mound instead of a small bucket?
5 Can we have a front foul line? Also known as a cheap line.
6 If a ground ball is hit to the double zone is it a double, or must it land in the air
7 Can the double guy field a hard ground ball for an out or must it be fielded in the single’s zone?