COED League Rules

  • Rosters 6-10 players
  • Everyone bats in the line up but only 6 max allowed in the field. 3 guys max.
  • A min of 4 players required to start a game.
  • If the batter order has 2 guys in a row, there is an automatic out in between every time.
  • No actual base running, but a player stands on base to keep track of runners.
  • 5 inning games. If tied, 2 extra innings, start with a runner on 2nd base, last out.
  • Clean balls, no cracks, not dirty.
  • League age is 21+
  • Male batters start with an 0-1 count. Female batters 0-0 count.
  • If a runner is hit with a batted ball, he is out and the batter is credited with a single and no other runners advance.
  • Official yellow bat only, tape is allowed on both handle and barrel however no other modifications are allowed.
  • A female player may use any bat.
  • 20 runs auto ends game instantly.
  • 10 run rule after 3 complete.


  • Hands are considered a part of the bat.
  • The batter must keep both feet on the batters mat may not step on the grass.
  • A batter can hit the ball off a bounce.
  • You may switch batters boxes in your at bat 1 time, but you must give fielders time to adjust if they need to.
  • If you use a bat that is illegal and you hit the ball fair it will be ruled an automatic out.
  • Bat must be held by handle.
  • If a team bats out of order and the other team finds out in the middle of the at bat the right player will go up with the same count but if they find out after the player’s at bat is over they are ruled out automatically.

Field Rules

  • If a player hits a ball into a tree the ball is ruled dead. If the tree was in foul ground, it’s a foul ball, if the tree was in homerun territory, it’s ruled a homerun.
  • A player must have their feet in bounds for it to be an out
  • If a player catches a ball and then falls over a fence it will be judged on when they caught the ball.


  • Double Play: with a runner on first, a ground ball must be fielded cleanly (no bobble) before the line and thrown to a different fielder covering 2nd base who must catch it without dropping it and hit the middle backstop section or strike zone in the air.
  • Double Play: If the 2nd baseman drops the ball into the outfield or the throw lands in the outfield, it’s ruled a dirty single. (batter reaches on error)
  • A pop up or line drive cannot be dropped for a double play
  • If a player catches the ball in the air it is an out.
  • If a runner gets in the way or interferes with the fielder the runner is out.
  • If a player comes out of the game for any reason they can’t come back in.
  • Any ball that touches the outfield grass is a single
  • Any ball that touches the wall is a double
  • Any ball that hits the wall in the air is a triple, over the wall HR.


  • A player from the offensive team pitches to their own team.
  • The pitcher must keep both feet on the pitches mat
  • Every pitch is a called strike.