Play WIFFLE® Support Animals in Vegas

We’ve combined the 2 things we love the most, Animals & WIFFLE Ball.

RIR is short for Ranch Island Rescue, a non profit charity dedicated to caring for and sheltering homeless animals as well as spreading awareness for veganism in a forever changing world.

RIR WIFFLE is ran exclusively by volunteers who share similar passions and all money raised goes directly to Ranch Island Rescue to help cover costs associated with the animal’s food, medical bills, sheltering & more.

There are multiple leagues and tournaments from competitive Men’s Semi-Fast Pitch called Premier League WIFFLE to both medium-pitch and slow-pitch COED styles.

Games are mostly played at Hideaway Field located at the private estate and is closed to the general public. However if you’d like to play and support the cause, contact us and tell us more. If you’d just like to stop by and see the animals contact Ranch Island Rescue to find out when the next family day is.

Play WIFFLE Ball in Las Vegas, NV for Charity.