Meet Winnie

wiffle ball winnie in las vegas

If you’re a Ranch Island Rescue regular you are no stranger to Wiffle Ball Winnie! But what’s her story? Where did she come from? How did she get the cutest dang personality?!

Miss Win was born July 5th, 2019 and shortly after, found her way into the loving home of Michelle and Bernie! Just like her doggy-siblings, she loves to snuggle, bark (it really sounds like a bark!) , follow you around the house and do tricks like sit and spin! She’ll even harness up and go on walks with you.

She is a lady after all and demands to be pampered as such; Michelle spoiled her greatly with bows in her hair and painted hooves! Unfortunately over time as Winnie got older her natural instincts started kicking in and uprooting multiple fruit trees in their backyard.

They knew this was of her nature, thus sought out multiple solutions knowing you can’t change the pigs behavior. Even built brick barriers that she somehow knocked down! Alas Winnie found a way every time… In addition to her behavior Winnie grew to a size where she had to remain on the bottom floor of their two story home. Could you imagine lifting a 50lbs+ pig up and down the stairs daily? No thank you!

They began feeling guilty about leaving her downstairs overnight, for longer periods of time and for not allowing her to have unsupervised time outside. Even though Michelle & Bernie took great care of Winnie, they both realized they didn’t have the proper space to raise a pig. That’s where we came in!

Michelle heard about our place, came by and instantly knew it would be a perfect fit for Winnie and had no doubt she would get the same love and care that she & Bernie gave. Since then Winnie has become quite the star of Ranch Island Rescue but loves to share the spotlight with all her rescue family.

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Author: Adam