Can we Break the Record?

First of all, these are the current record holders! The news reporter says “Cole and his dad Chris feel confident about that record

He’s right, it won’t be easy, we’ve spent the last 8 weeks preparing for this with Guinness and there’s so many logistics and rules that it’s been quite the journey just to get here. Now, we must perform and play non stop without leaving the field or sleeping.

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Here’s a Breakdown!

  • Game Time: Saturday October 3rd, 11am @ Ranch Island
  • The Strays vs Pot Bellies
  • Current Record is 30 hours and 1 minute
  • Game Rules and Guinness Rules Game Rules

Must play a non stop game, no sleeping, every hour you get 5 minutes added to time bank, it can add up but must only be used as a team and is for bathroom breaks, no sleeping.

The field size for the official wiffle rules is smaller, about 85 feet to CF, narrower, closer to a 45 degree angle and there’s no strike zone, no called strikes, no called balls. So even though you’re only allowed to use the official yellow wiffle bat, there should be a lot of offense and home runs hit.

Every player will be swinging for the fences to hit as many homeruns as they can and you can help by picking a player and pledging a donation for each home run they hit.


The Strays Lineup

  1. Casey Herzog
  2. Mark Rebstock
  3. Tom Gannon
  4. Nick DiVella
  5. Chad Phillips

Pot Bellies Lineup

  1. Adam Tanic
  2. Trench Picone
  3. Austin Healy
  4. Bobo Borzomati
  5. Joe Tehan

Let’s BEAT THEM & Break the Record! Show Ranch Island your Support!

Current World Record Holders

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