1v1 Tourney Rules

  • No actual base running, ghost runners only.
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • 2 or 3 inning games. (depending on total player entries)
  • If tied, 2 extra innings, start with a runner on 2nd base, last out.
  • Clean balls, no cracks, not dirty.
  • League age is 21+
  • Batters start with an 0-1 count.
  • Official yellow bat only, tape is allowed on both handle and barrel however no other modifications are allowed.
  • 15 runs auto ends game instantly.


  • Hands are considered a part of the bat.
  • A batter can hit the ball off a bounce.
  • If you are hit by a pitch, it is ruled a ball.
  • You may switch batters boxes in your at bat 1 time, but you may not after the pitcher has started their motion.
  • If you use a bat that is illegal and you hit the ball fair it will be ruled an automatic out.
  • Bat must be held by handle.
  • A player cannot lean in on the plate intentionally to get hit by the pitch and in addition must make an effort to get out of the way on a pitch with potential of hitting the strike zone.

Field Rules

  • If a player hits a ball into a tree the ball is ruled dead. If the tree was in foul ground, it’s a foul ball, if the tree was in home run territory, it’s ruled a home run.
  • A player must have their feet in bounds for it to be an out
  • If a player catches a ball and then falls over a fence it will be judged on when they caught the ball.
  • If a fair ball in the outfield corners rolls out of play, it is ruled a double.


  • Double Play: with a runner on first, a ground ball must be fielded cleanly (no bobble) before the line and thrown into the strike zone or the middle of the backstop in the air.
  • A pop up or line drive cannot be dropped for a double play
  • If a player catches the ball in the air it is an out.
  • A ground ball that doesn’t touch the OF wall is an out.
  • A ball that touches the OF grass in the air is ruled 1 base
  • A ball that rolls to the wall is ruled 1 base
  • A double is a ball that does both of the above (OF grass in air + touches the wall)
  • Any ball that hits the wall in the air is a triple, over the wall HR.


  • The pitcher needs to be touching the pitching rubber with there foot on his/her motion.
  • 43.5 ft mound distance from pitchers rubber to strike zone.
  • A pitcher may throw any speed, however called strikes can only be on pitches 49 mph or less.
  • There are no balks.
  • The first foul tip into the strike zone with 2 strikes is considered a foul, the 2nd foul tip into the strike with 2 strikes is strike 3. (catcher catches the 2nd one)